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Category Archives: Engagements

Tara Staton’s DC Workshop | DC, Virginia, and Maryland Portrait Photographer

So last September I hosted a workshop for Tara Staton, an incredible photographer, instructor, mentor, and friend.  It was one of the most phenomenal experiences I’ve ever had!  To organize and prepare for Tara’s workshop, I canvassed this great city of ours with ardent fervor and a powerful determination to leave no stone unturned regarding...

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Jamie & Frank ~ Engaged! | Maryland Engagement and Wedding Photographer

Photographing these two was such a blast!  I couldn’t have asked for a more gorgeous day or a more stunning couple!  Frank and Jamie were absolutely adorable to observe — sooooo in love.  Both are big sports fanatics which couldn’t be more fitting because they themselves make an awesome team.  We met at the National...

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Christos & Valerie | Virginia Wedding and Engagement Photographer

Couldn’t resist sharing a few more engagement photos of Christos and Valerie taken back in April!  Photographing their wedding was such a beautiful experience and I can’t wait to add their wedding photos to the blog!  While I had a moment though, I just had to add these to the blog.  Check back soon for...

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Valerie and Chris ~ More to love! | Maryland Wedding and Engagement Photographer

I’ve fallen behind on my blogging mostly because there are so many awesome shots of Valerie and Chris, and I just can’t stop myself! I’m in the middle of editing their photos from our 2nd session (we weren’t able to finish our shoot the first day due to an emergency on the metro), but I...

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Valerie & Christos, engaged! ~ Maryland Wedding Photographer

She simply glows….his expressions radiate…and together they make a brilliant couple whose eyes are intensely focused on a powerfully bright future. They are infinitely in love and the energy they create together is so genuine that I couldn’t help but feel it too…and it made me happy just to be around them.  Valerie and Christos...

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Whitney Thompson Review ~ Maryland Wedding and Engagement Photographer

I’m so excited to post more photos of the bridal shoot I was blessed to take part in at Scarlett Lillian’s workshop… I had such fun this day getting these amazing shots of Whitney Thompson and using off-camera lighting and pocket wizards for some of the photos, while using natural light for others.  I would...

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Julia and Matt ~ Engaged! Maryland Wedding and Portrait Photographer

These two sweet and stunning people were the amazing couple we were fortunate enough to shoot during Scarlett Lillian’s workshop.  While we all shuffled around them, dragging them from the city streets to the cold and windy beach and back, their cheerfulness and smiles remained the entire time!  Clearly these two are so in love,...

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The fabulous friends I made at Scarlett Lillian’s workshop – Maryland Portrait Photographer

I really wanted to take a moment to introduce you all to some of the amazing women I met at Scarlett Lillian’s workshop this past weekend in Jacksonville, Florida.  These ladies are unique and amazing on so many levels, and I consider myself extremely blessed and honored to have worked alongside them.  In a very...

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Scarlett Lillian’s Workshop Teaser – Maryland Wedding and Engagement Photographer

I just got home tonight from an intense workshop led by the fabulous Scarlett Lillian in Jacksonville, Florida!  It was a mind-blowing weekend of friendship, photos, and FUN…all of which I will blog more about when I get some much-needed shut-eye!  For now, here are two photos I created of the stunning Whitney Thompson, winner...

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